Using Lime or cement for drying wet soil is a cost-effective way to stabilize wet soils. Wet soil is not suitable for construction which can make building or paving difficult and expensive, soil stabilization is needed . We mix Lime or cement into wet soil to make it less plastic, reduce permeability which makes it compactible so that it can support other building materials. Soft clay or silt can be made suitable for construction with lime.

With our soil remediation methods, lime or cement is mixed with the soft or wet dirt using our specialized stabilization equipment to accomplish the customer’s desired results. Our machine is able to get close to existing facilities, walls, footers, utilities, etc.

Digging up mud and carting it away is too expensive and disruptive. Our lime and cement stabilization solutions are the answer and will help you meet your schedule!

We are a lime stabilization contractor located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our soil remediation services are available in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky and tri-state areas.